Since I joined Green Leaders Group (GLG), I am overwhelmed with this kind of feeling “HEBAT!!!”

I might shout it aloud to the world. GLG is the best!


1. GLG is co-founded and lead by great leaders.

These wonderful and amazing duo, none of the others, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain have magical touch in uplifting your capability in business. Already secured with tremendous achievements over the years, prestigious awards, these warm personality and friendly figures sustainably help their business partners to become like what they have achieved to date.

Corporate image of CDM Raz..smight as well to be like him. Insyallah.


An image of a successful businesswoman


Beemer for winner.Yeahhh! Hanis and her second beemer F10

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2. Social Media Team

GLG remains as the pioneer group who has developed its own social media team. This team greatly contributes providing essential knowledge to the business partners on how business marketing could actually be done online. These include Facebook, Twitter and blog (so xpayh ketuk2 rumah org nk jual brg ye.hehe). My own business partner who is fabulous DSM Ajue Rashid also one of IT experts as she was once an engineer in a world known company. With her expertise in IT, she is not reluctant to share her ideas to her prospects business partners. With all of these experts, we have conquered the virtual world! YEah! Mr.Google has bowed his head to us and put us as the primary link. hehe

Voila!! This is the prove..say what?hehe

3.  GLAM

This is another specialty about this group. We got GLAM (Kau hadooo?hehehe). Well, GLAM stands for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia. It is an establishment EXCLUSIVELY founded for business partners in GLG to come and gain knowledge about everything in this business. Situated in urbanized-exclusive-ELITE housing area, it is simply a perfect match for GLAM itself. What makes it more special is that the class is conducted on Friday Night! Hoyeahhh! So every business partners who stay in the eastern and northern coast could come as well (Uols xpayah risau nk kena dtg kelas ari sabtu and kena rushing balik kerja ari ahad dh.hehe)

4. Sisterhood and bonding

This is truly visible as I witnessed it before my eyes though I am not a girl not yet a woman (EH!!!.haha). Anyway, I am truly comfortable and inspired by the relationship between business partners. They are like siblings who are willing to help and lift you up whenever there are ups and downs. Motivation, inspiring words and support are always given continuously just to ensure everyone is not left behind. This is definitely the beauty of this business as you work as a TEAM but not individual.

Cheerful members of GLAM celebrating each and everyone’s success

Wait no more! Yes, YOU are the lucky one to be our honorary guest and be a part of this beautiful and hardworking GLG team!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


 my facebook


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