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Financial Freedom


I guess everyone has this kind of fear upon hearing this word. Org kita ckp Hutang uols. Takut x byk hutang? mesti takut kn?

With the cost of living mountains up like crazy, we have to spend vast amount of money and sometimes it can exceed our monthly budget just to ensure that we live comfortably.

Belanja untuk apa?




1. Comfortable house for family

2. Dream car 

3. Clothings and basic necessities for self and family

Sometimes, when we have exceeded from our monthly budget, some may use credit card to solve the problem. REMEMBER!

You are NOT solving it but instead you just add another problem which is more DEBT. 

The ugly truth is these debts take a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to be settled and sometimes it can go beyond 20 years. Could you imagine you are in debts for 20 years?

Belum lagi abes hutang dengan bank ni, you buat lagi loan dgn bank lain utk overlap loan yang sebelum ni and the process goes on and on.


Can you see the bigger picture here? Our debts is getting higher but our salary is slowly decreasing. Sampai nk simpan dalam 100 or 200 sebulan pun belum tentu dapat. Betol x?

So we end up like this


the answer is YESSSSSSSSSS!

Do somethinng to change your fate by looking for an opportunity in making side incomes in order to support your daioy expenses. Like I said, gaji kita xkn ckup utk tanggung sumenye. Dgn side income ni kita boleh FREE from debts and kita xkn terlalu bergantung kepada gaji yang kita dpt sahaja.

Alhamdulillah.. I am so blessed that I was given a great opportunity to change my fate. Syukur sangat2 sebab diberi kesedaran dan dibukakan hati untuk menjenguk peluang untuk memajukan diri dan menambah income untuk membantu keluarga especially mak I.
Baru-baru ni syukur sgt sebab dh dpt bonus pertama.  Sungguh bahagia dan puas hati apabila ibu yang bersusah payah selama ni pon boleh merasa hasil bonus ni dengan linangan air mata. This is the least that I can do to my mom other than giving her love.
Selain itu, I nk  langsaikan segala hutang2 kereta dan segalanya sebelum tempoh yg sepatutnya. I want to live in “Debt Free” world A.S.A.P..InsyaAllah..
Kepada semua orang2 kat luar sana yang mempunyai masalah dan azam yang sama dengan I. Let us work together and achieve what we want to achieve. I guarantee you can taste the happiness as soon as you take the first step in this business. REMEMBER! We are doing this together and you will not be left alone.

If you are interested to be a part of our wonderful team and interested to get a side income of Rm6500 per month!

Contact me TODAY!

 Via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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Essential Morning Booster

Good Morning all. Are you ready to start your day?

Jom Stretch sambil posing over!

Gather all the positive energy by indulging yourself with the things that you like. This is very important as it serves as a boost for you to do all your business and daily chores with a happy and positive attitude. (Kita yang berbisnes ni apetah lg!)     I am sure that we don’t want our prospect business partners or customers to feel uncomfortable due to “our masalah hormon”.Eh!!

So what you should do? These are two things I usually do and take every morning. Just to boost my positive attitude and feeling to start the day.

1. Listen to aspiring and cheerful songs

Monster by Big Bang. The beat is simply heart pumping.  Kalau nk gelak sakan sampai pengsan..YES! Sampai pengsan ade parody dari Crew Radio Era. Listen to it and you’ll laugh like crazy maniac.

The End of time/ Who Runs The World- Beyonce. Songs from our very own “Kakak Joyah” are really energetic that every beat makes you feel like dancing and “meroyan” all over the place. A really good one for cheering up your sadden life.

2. Morning Breaksfast like a King

Yes. The most essential part of our daily intake. Eat fresh home-made breakfast if possible. Indulge yourself with good food and good drinks in the morning. Other than giving you essential energy, it determines your feeling as


alah…mcm happy meal tu.

(Kalau yang ada orang gaji tu boleh suruh die belajar cara nk buat breakfast ala-ala  yang kita suka. kalau xde jgn ngengade..buat sendiri.hehehe).

These are my current favourite breakfast. All home made and fresh from oven taw!

Pancake topped with vanilla ice cream, berries and apricot.

Hazelnut Coffee from OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE ( yelah…nk beli Caramel Machiato kt Starbucks kt GM ni mana ada..choyyy!)

Set positive attitude and feeling before starting off your day. Thus, opportunities will come easily and business matter will become as smooth as baby skin. Eh! (ade kene mengena x?)


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F.A.Q about Biozone Food Purifier

“Good Morning UOLS?” Any questions regarding BioZone?

If the response is going to be like this,





Pengsan sambil posing. Boleh?? 

So before I faint, I better prepare a list of FAQ questions and answers  regarding BioZone Purifier. Here they are:

1.Do I need to purify for longer interval if I have a lot of foods?
BIOZONE Food Purifier is designed for HOUSEHOLD USE only. Assuming you have 3 – 4 chicken portions, it is still fine to take 30 minutes to purify the meat as long as you adhere to the maximum water volume of 10 litres.

2.Does it consume excessive electricity?
No. The electricity power consumption is minimal at 35 Watts only. It is like lighting up a bulb in your house.

3.How do I service the ceramic stone?
Plug the silicone tube out from the machine. Use a toothbrush to gently brush the surface of the ceramic stone under the tap running water. After that, air-dry. Once a while, dry it under the sun. If there is any bad odour, you may purify the ceramic stone in plain water for few minutes and air-dry.

4.Will the food nutrients be lost in the purifying process?
We have a laboratory test on the meat to show that most of the nutrients are maintained. This can only be possible using a good food purifier. If you use conventional technology, it might reduce the nutrients substantially.

5.Do I need to wash the food again after purification?
It is not necessary to wash the food after purification process. But, if you feel the need to rinse the food after purification, you can use filtered water to avoid any re-contamination with tap water.

6.How long can the BIOZONE Food Purifier last?
After the first 2 years, as long as you send back the machine for general maintenance once a year, it can last very long.

7.Why can’t I use a plastic container and what other bowls can I use?
Not all plastics are ozone-resistant. Generally, we do not advise to use plastic bowls. It would be best to use stainless steel or glass bowls.

8.Can I use to clean baby bottles?
Generally for plastics, we try to avoid direct purification. You can first purify the water in a glass or stainless steel container and use the purified water to rinse the baby bottles.

9.Why meat has foam, but for vegetables, it is not visible?
Pesticides are generally soluble in water, hence it is not visible. For the foam, it is a long chain of fatty acid which is more prevalent in meat. Most of the fatty acid has polymer-based compounds which may be difficult for the body to absorb. If the body is able to absorb, it actually goes into the blood stream which may be bad for health over a long period of intake.

10.Can I remove antibiotics from the meat during purification process?
The foam did not reveal any antibiotic trace, but during the 30 minutes purification process, the laboratory test report showed that antibiotic was absent after purification.

11.Will the foam be totally gone if I detoxify for longer periods of time?
The chances of the foam being totally gone is rare because more fats can be removed through longer periods of purification. The side effects would be more nutrients lost. Hence, we do not need to over-purify the meat.

12.Some vegetables and fruits float up during the purification process. What can I do?
Just use a cover to close the bowl with a small gap for the silicone tube to pass through, as long as the cover is not made of plastic material.

13.How can I be certain that BIOZONE Food Purifier can perform 100% purification?
We do not claim that BIOZONE Food Purifier can purify all chemicals by 100%. Our objective is to try to minimise as much chemicals as possible before we consume the food. Most chemicals can be reduced through the BIOZONE Purification Process, which we have a series of laboratory tests to share. Scientifically proven in many advanced countries, ozone technology is commonly used for purification of water, food and swimming pool treatment.


Contact me TODAY!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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Hi All, I want to share this great finding hence providing more reasons why you SHOULD use Biozone Food Purifier

Who doesn’t love chicken? Everyone does I guess especially KFC.haha


Chicken (that u eat in daily basis) is undergone the process of purification
 to rid off the toxins, fatty acid & any contamination embedded in it.
The first few minutes
You can see a layer of foam-like substance appears on top of the water.
OMG “fats” are coming out from the chicken… Now it starts to smell bad a little.
This is close to 30 minutes of purification process and as you can see. The foam is so thick.
Now look at that!
EEEEEWWW~ We scooped it up. The texture is sticky, gooey and SMELLY you know!
Wiped it and tried to burn it to see
if this in actual fact just normal “bubble”?
You judge by yourself. That’s just ONE serving of chicken,
“Imagine, if we eat chicken EVERYDAY for the NEXT 10 years, 
how much of that TOXIN and FATTY ACID  are in our body now?!”
Biozone Food Purifier is available for purchase NOW
* Special introductory Price | T&C Condtions Apply.
for more info & details!
Contact me TODAY!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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As promised in the previous entry. The answer to avoid any possibilities of suffering from any food poisoning and other illnesses definitely is


BIOZONE Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame.

How long do I need to purify the vegetables and meat?
Please refer to the operating instruction manual found inside the packaging box. Generally, all the food (Eg : fruits, vegetables, seafood) require 15 minutes. Only meat (Eg : chicken, lamb, beef) requires 30 minutes. This machine operates at maximum 45 minutes, which can be used for long bath or refrigerator.

Moreover, there is 3 minutes ON/OFF sanitising function for a liter of water. This sanitising function is used to remove bacteria on the surface of food in a quick manner without the use of water. Generally, if you have more water, you can multiply timing accordingly. The maximum volume of water is 10 litres or 30 minutes.



Effectively removes contaminants in the food and retain food nutrients.
Effectively preserve food freshness and remove foul odour.
Multi-functional purification on food : Meat / Fruits / Vegetables / Seafood / Herbs
Consistent ozone output and environmentally-friendly.

Convenient operation with 4-mode micro-processor timer control for different purification time frame (3 mins / 15 mins / 30 mins / 45 mins).
No need for regular ozone generator replacement.
Very low power consumption ~ 35W.
100% medical grade silicone tube.
Highest A grade fine ceramic stone.
Ozone-resistant high grade ABS plastic.
Portable, convenient and user-friendly.

1.Prepare a bowl of water.
2.Rinse the food and cut them into smaller pieces.
3.Put the food that requires purification into the bowl.
4.Ensure the water level is higher than the food. (The maximum water volume is 10 litres).
5.Put the medical grade silicone tube into the bowl with the ceramic stone immersed in the water.
6.Program the timer setting according to your needs.

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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Beware of Food Contamination.

Have you ever experienced this? 

Or this?

Non stop sneezing

Owh I had! I often wondered what had caused all these problems until I had this urge of referring to someone who knows better which is a doctor. Long story short, I was told that I have an allergy to chicken!

YES!!!! KFC finger lickin good! (oh noooooooo..there’s gone my favourite snack).

Why should it be chicken? You’ll know later at the end of this entry.

Because of this allergy, I experienced bad blockage in my nasal passage, watery eyes and skin itchiness. Because of these, I have to hold my “lust” towards Chicken this and chicken that.


So, what’s the relation between Chicken and my problems?


Let me clarify bit by bit. I just realized this from the doctor himself and I went home and did my own digging. Believe it or not, in daily basis, we consume a lot of BACTERIA, TOXIN, FATTY ACIDS and etc from its very source which is food.

It seems no matter how well we try to protect ourselves from getting any nearer from these “BAD guys”, we have actually consumed it without noticing. Eventually, it’ll become a large part of our body mass.  In short, we are POISONED!

Now, let see our 1st example of contaminated food which is chicken. Today’s chicken is not as healthy as back then. WHY? See this and you’ll know why.

That is what happens when you consume too much “ayam suntik”

On the other hand, these “ayam suntik” are so cute.hehehe

2nd Example: Vegetables and fruits that we eat are actually heavily “sedated” with lots of chemical fertilizer and pest poison. Athough the intention of both substance is to allow the vegetable to grow fast and protect it from any pests or bugs, the crops are still affected by the chemical substance.

By now, all of you might think of drastic action to stop taking all of these. Isn’t it? Is that really necessary? Think vegetables, no fruit and no chicken. How can you live without it?

















The answer is in the next entry..(hehehehe. Larik!!). Don’t forget to read the next entry. VERY IMPORTANT one!

Have a nice day~

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Bogus or “BAGUS”? Choose wisely!

Last week I managed to attend my first class conducted in GLAM, Taman Tun. A part of the talk during the class mentioned about investing your worthy money in worthy company.


Let scrutinize this from bit to bit. I just want to share of what I have gained during the class which I think something good should be SHARED and SPREADED. On the side note, this is not totally a sweeping statement as this sharing is made based on facts and proves.

Ok uols. Before we start any business franchise or investment in any company or institution, bear in mind to do a background check about the company that we are going to invest.

HOW? Simply refer to reliable sources from the internet or newspapers.

Ok. So, after you made your own “research”, be sure that the prospect company:

1. is stable

2. Has good and promising Track record

3. Has no financial crisis

4. has a Head Quarters (HQ)

5. has a licensing in business and has a registered number for its premise and business

6. is endorsed by our Bank Negara Malaysia

7. is recognized and accepted by government

haaa, see? Those are a part of numerous criterions that you need to consider. Be wise so that you will not fall into the trap of a bogus company as nowadays there are a lot of companies established with the of attracting prospect investors to invest with promising investment scheme. Nonetheless, there is no crystal clear path of how good and reliable the company is. So again, BE WISE!

For that reason, I have done my research and digging. Alhamdulillah, as a result I found that Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd fulfills the entire criterion mentioned above.

Need proves? Let see why I said so.

1) Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd (susbordinate company for Hai-O Enterprise) is a very stable, reliable and well-founded company in Malaysia for it has sustained its glorious years in Malaysia for almost 20 years. Well recognized and endorsed by the government and “Bank Negara Malaysia”, this company has proven its efficiency in business when it is listed in the main board of BSKL. There is no chance to be listed UNLESS the company is proven to have good track record and stable.

Enlisted in main board BSKL. Say What??

2) Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd has won numerous astounding awards and recognition both at national and international level. Among the awards are, Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence 2010/2011, Promising Company Award 2010/2011, Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” Award, Outstanding Contribution Towards Developing Bumiputra Entrepreneurs, Superbrand Malaysia 2003/2004 and more. You can click the link of its official page to see a full list of its award and recognition.

The main buzzzz in biz world in Buletin Utama

3) High quality products. Hai O Marketing emphasizes the quality of its products. Each product has gone through numerous procedures for improving its quality. Eventhough some of our products has sustainably proven to be the best among the best in the market over 20 years, our research and development team has never given up to upgrade the current quality from great to the best. For that reason, one of our products which is premium beautiful has been awarded as the best from SUPERBRAND! Yes, it’s very rare and exclusive.

The “OLYMPIC” medals for best product belongs to????



So, let me remind you once again, please be wise in choosing the company for your investment. With Hai-O, we can ensure you are fully SECURED.

Lets do this together once and for all in one T.E.A.M

Together Everyone Achieve More

Wait no more! Yes, YOU are the lucky one to be our honorary guest and be a part of this beautiful and hardworking GLG team!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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Since I joined Green Leaders Group (GLG), I am overwhelmed with this kind of feeling “HEBAT!!!”

I might shout it aloud to the world. GLG is the best!


1. GLG is co-founded and lead by great leaders.

These wonderful and amazing duo, none of the others, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain have magical touch in uplifting your capability in business. Already secured with tremendous achievements over the years, prestigious awards, these warm personality and friendly figures sustainably help their business partners to become like what they have achieved to date.

Corporate image of CDM Raz..smight as well to be like him. Insyallah.


An image of a successful businesswoman


Beemer for winner.Yeahhh! Hanis and her second beemer F10

Published in Berita harian

2. Social Media Team

GLG remains as the pioneer group who has developed its own social media team. This team greatly contributes providing essential knowledge to the business partners on how business marketing could actually be done online. These include Facebook, Twitter and blog (so xpayh ketuk2 rumah org nk jual brg ye.hehe). My own business partner who is fabulous DSM Ajue Rashid also one of IT experts as she was once an engineer in a world known company. With her expertise in IT, she is not reluctant to share her ideas to her prospects business partners. With all of these experts, we have conquered the virtual world! YEah! Mr.Google has bowed his head to us and put us as the primary link. hehe

Voila!! This is the prove..say what?hehe

3.  GLAM

This is another specialty about this group. We got GLAM (Kau hadooo?hehehe). Well, GLAM stands for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia. It is an establishment EXCLUSIVELY founded for business partners in GLG to come and gain knowledge about everything in this business. Situated in urbanized-exclusive-ELITE housing area, it is simply a perfect match for GLAM itself. What makes it more special is that the class is conducted on Friday Night! Hoyeahhh! So every business partners who stay in the eastern and northern coast could come as well (Uols xpayah risau nk kena dtg kelas ari sabtu and kena rushing balik kerja ari ahad dh.hehe)

4. Sisterhood and bonding

This is truly visible as I witnessed it before my eyes though I am not a girl not yet a woman (EH!!!.haha). Anyway, I am truly comfortable and inspired by the relationship between business partners. They are like siblings who are willing to help and lift you up whenever there are ups and downs. Motivation, inspiring words and support are always given continuously just to ensure everyone is not left behind. This is definitely the beauty of this business as you work as a TEAM but not individual.

Cheerful members of GLAM celebrating each and everyone’s success

Wait no more! Yes, YOU are the lucky one to be our honorary guest and be a part of this beautiful and hardworking GLG team!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


 my facebook


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What is the biggest risk or milestone that you have taken in your life??

Some people might associate milestone or risk as a bad companion or NEGATIVE CONNOTATION while others optimistically view as OPPORTUNITY. We never know when is exactly the right time our life changes. The only thing we know is to ensure the changes by giving our best effort to transform from our FORMER self to a NEW one. Nevertheless, opportunities rarely come handy as it often causes quandary and conflict in the mindset of risk taker. Who doesn’t feel torn when they have to make choices especially thing that relate to our life.


Before talking about my life decision, let me take you down the memory lane. I was the youngest from seven siblings. Honestly, being the last in the family does not as easy as people might think. Some might think that I have brothers and sisters to support me other than my parents. Well, my situation strayed away from those assumptions as I came from really poor family. My late father was a tailor/small stall owner that sells sugarcane juice and my mom was the one who help “Abah”. I had a normal childhood like others. Nonetheless, never once in my entire life I was pampered with expensive stuff and rewards as my parents could not afford it. I remembered whenever my father brought me to Kota Bharu, it was very hard to persuade him to buy me a MCD happy meal. What would a child do? Crying for sure and yes I cried a lot. Life was difficult back then.

It was getting difficult for my family survival when my beloved Abah passed away in 2006. He left this world in my embrace when everyone hasn’t got the chance to make it on time to see him. I was about to lose my rational at that time and nobody could understand how sad and hurt it was to lose your father in your embrace. So many things came to my mind that I almost gave up my studies (I never told my family or my mom about this). My family condition became worse as my mother is the breadwinner of the family then and now. She tried very hard to provide enough and essential daily necessities. My mom told me once that she cannot stop working until I am fully secured with a job.

Finally, I am a teacher now. My duty does not zoom into teaching solely but goes beyond it. In school, I am the knowledge disseminator, parent, hostel warden, first-aid respondent, organizer, coach and trainer for dance group. Fuhhhhh! Life is full of responsibility. Nevertheless, I took all these as opportunities to improve my potential. I have once proved that I can do anything thrown on my shoulder. I am truly grateful with the help and blessing given by Him. For that, I managed to execute those tasks with ease.

My career at the moment satisfies my passion but not fully satisfies the FREEDOM I want which are TIME freedom and FINANCIAL freedom for my family. I realized that with the cost of living mountains up like crazy and expenses of daily necessities keeps increasing, I felt so desperate looking for more side income. More INCOME to support my family and my mother. Often, I also feel so sinful and terrible for being a son who cannot provide his mother a rightful token of appreciation and sufficient pocket money. My dream to change to the fate of my family is still in an uncertain state. TERRIBLE me.


For all these reasons, I looked into business opportunities. I “debuted” myself by selling low-end-cost health and beauty products. I do all the marketing via facebook and by spreading out flyers. It was truly challenging to get the first customer but the moment people come to you and ask for your products and enlightenment, it was indeed the best moment of doing business. My market grows wider after that. From there, I knew that I need to look for more opportunities to ensure my goal is achieved. Therefore, with the help of MR.GOOGLE, my hands frantically clicked and scrolled various websites and blog about business UNTIL this one magic CLICK. I found HANIS HAIZI blog.

Fabulous and gorgeous CDM Hanis Haizi with her signature pose!

Wasting no more time, I started to do my own RESEARCH by “stalking” and reading all her posts. Say what? I was truly inspired and truly mesmerized by what she had achieved so far in life. From there I investigated many things about her business, group and company that she works for. I also looked into sources that say about pros and cons of her business. By taking all of these into consideration, I emailed her and propose my interest of knowing more about her business. Then, “Voila”. My life has embarked into another journey or pace in grabbing the BIG opportunities in order to achieve my BIG dream.

A life lesson I learned from her is that U can never achieve what you dream for if you never try to achieve it. I realized nobody will change the fate of my family except YOU and YOURSELF. I accepted the DARE to change myself!


My advice THINK and ACT now!

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