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F.A.Q about Biozone Food Purifier

“Good Morning UOLS?” Any questions regarding BioZone?

If the response is going to be like this,





Pengsan sambil posing. Boleh?? 

So before I faint, I better prepare a list of FAQ questions and answers  regarding BioZone Purifier. Here they are:

1.Do I need to purify for longer interval if I have a lot of foods?
BIOZONE Food Purifier is designed for HOUSEHOLD USE only. Assuming you have 3 – 4 chicken portions, it is still fine to take 30 minutes to purify the meat as long as you adhere to the maximum water volume of 10 litres.

2.Does it consume excessive electricity?
No. The electricity power consumption is minimal at 35 Watts only. It is like lighting up a bulb in your house.

3.How do I service the ceramic stone?
Plug the silicone tube out from the machine. Use a toothbrush to gently brush the surface of the ceramic stone under the tap running water. After that, air-dry. Once a while, dry it under the sun. If there is any bad odour, you may purify the ceramic stone in plain water for few minutes and air-dry.

4.Will the food nutrients be lost in the purifying process?
We have a laboratory test on the meat to show that most of the nutrients are maintained. This can only be possible using a good food purifier. If you use conventional technology, it might reduce the nutrients substantially.

5.Do I need to wash the food again after purification?
It is not necessary to wash the food after purification process. But, if you feel the need to rinse the food after purification, you can use filtered water to avoid any re-contamination with tap water.

6.How long can the BIOZONE Food Purifier last?
After the first 2 years, as long as you send back the machine for general maintenance once a year, it can last very long.

7.Why can’t I use a plastic container and what other bowls can I use?
Not all plastics are ozone-resistant. Generally, we do not advise to use plastic bowls. It would be best to use stainless steel or glass bowls.

8.Can I use to clean baby bottles?
Generally for plastics, we try to avoid direct purification. You can first purify the water in a glass or stainless steel container and use the purified water to rinse the baby bottles.

9.Why meat has foam, but for vegetables, it is not visible?
Pesticides are generally soluble in water, hence it is not visible. For the foam, it is a long chain of fatty acid which is more prevalent in meat. Most of the fatty acid has polymer-based compounds which may be difficult for the body to absorb. If the body is able to absorb, it actually goes into the blood stream which may be bad for health over a long period of intake.

10.Can I remove antibiotics from the meat during purification process?
The foam did not reveal any antibiotic trace, but during the 30 minutes purification process, the laboratory test report showed that antibiotic was absent after purification.

11.Will the foam be totally gone if I detoxify for longer periods of time?
The chances of the foam being totally gone is rare because more fats can be removed through longer periods of purification. The side effects would be more nutrients lost. Hence, we do not need to over-purify the meat.

12.Some vegetables and fruits float up during the purification process. What can I do?
Just use a cover to close the bowl with a small gap for the silicone tube to pass through, as long as the cover is not made of plastic material.

13.How can I be certain that BIOZONE Food Purifier can perform 100% purification?
We do not claim that BIOZONE Food Purifier can purify all chemicals by 100%. Our objective is to try to minimise as much chemicals as possible before we consume the food. Most chemicals can be reduced through the BIOZONE Purification Process, which we have a series of laboratory tests to share. Scientifically proven in many advanced countries, ozone technology is commonly used for purification of water, food and swimming pool treatment.


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Beware of Food Contamination.

Have you ever experienced this? 

Or this?

Non stop sneezing

Owh I had! I often wondered what had caused all these problems until I had this urge of referring to someone who knows better which is a doctor. Long story short, I was told that I have an allergy to chicken!

YES!!!! KFC finger lickin good! (oh noooooooo..there’s gone my favourite snack).

Why should it be chicken? You’ll know later at the end of this entry.

Because of this allergy, I experienced bad blockage in my nasal passage, watery eyes and skin itchiness. Because of these, I have to hold my “lust” towards Chicken this and chicken that.


So, what’s the relation between Chicken and my problems?


Let me clarify bit by bit. I just realized this from the doctor himself and I went home and did my own digging. Believe it or not, in daily basis, we consume a lot of BACTERIA, TOXIN, FATTY ACIDS and etc from its very source which is food.

It seems no matter how well we try to protect ourselves from getting any nearer from these “BAD guys”, we have actually consumed it without noticing. Eventually, it’ll become a large part of our body mass.  In short, we are POISONED!

Now, let see our 1st example of contaminated food which is chicken. Today’s chicken is not as healthy as back then. WHY? See this and you’ll know why.

That is what happens when you consume too much “ayam suntik”

On the other hand, these “ayam suntik” are so cute.hehehe

2nd Example: Vegetables and fruits that we eat are actually heavily “sedated” with lots of chemical fertilizer and pest poison. Athough the intention of both substance is to allow the vegetable to grow fast and protect it from any pests or bugs, the crops are still affected by the chemical substance.

By now, all of you might think of drastic action to stop taking all of these. Isn’t it? Is that really necessary? Think vegetables, no fruit and no chicken. How can you live without it?

















The answer is in the next entry..(hehehehe. Larik!!). Don’t forget to read the next entry. VERY IMPORTANT one!

Have a nice day~

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