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What is the biggest risk or milestone that you have taken in your life??

Some people might associate milestone or risk as a bad companion or NEGATIVE CONNOTATION while others optimistically view as OPPORTUNITY. We never know when is exactly the right time our life changes. The only thing we know is to ensure the changes by giving our best effort to transform from our FORMER self to a NEW one. Nevertheless, opportunities rarely come handy as it often causes quandary and conflict in the mindset of risk taker. Who doesn’t feel torn when they have to make choices especially thing that relate to our life.


Before talking about my life decision, let me take you down the memory lane. I was the youngest from seven siblings. Honestly, being the last in the family does not as easy as people might think. Some might think that I have brothers and sisters to support me other than my parents. Well, my situation strayed away from those assumptions as I came from really poor family. My late father was a tailor/small stall owner that sells sugarcane juice and my mom was the one who help “Abah”. I had a normal childhood like others. Nonetheless, never once in my entire life I was pampered with expensive stuff and rewards as my parents could not afford it. I remembered whenever my father brought me to Kota Bharu, it was very hard to persuade him to buy me a MCD happy meal. What would a child do? Crying for sure and yes I cried a lot. Life was difficult back then.

It was getting difficult for my family survival when my beloved Abah passed away in 2006. He left this world in my embrace when everyone hasn’t got the chance to make it on time to see him. I was about to lose my rational at that time and nobody could understand how sad and hurt it was to lose your father in your embrace. So many things came to my mind that I almost gave up my studies (I never told my family or my mom about this). My family condition became worse as my mother is the breadwinner of the family then and now. She tried very hard to provide enough and essential daily necessities. My mom told me once that she cannot stop working until I am fully secured with a job.

Finally, I am a teacher now. My duty does not zoom into teaching solely but goes beyond it. In school, I am the knowledge disseminator, parent, hostel warden, first-aid respondent, organizer, coach and trainer for dance group. Fuhhhhh! Life is full of responsibility. Nevertheless, I took all these as opportunities to improve my potential. I have once proved that I can do anything thrown on my shoulder. I am truly grateful with the help and blessing given by Him. For that, I managed to execute those tasks with ease.

My career at the moment satisfies my passion but not fully satisfies the FREEDOM I want which are TIME freedom and FINANCIAL freedom for my family. I realized that with the cost of living mountains up like crazy and expenses of daily necessities keeps increasing, I felt so desperate looking for more side income. More INCOME to support my family and my mother. Often, I also feel so sinful and terrible for being a son who cannot provide his mother a rightful token of appreciation and sufficient pocket money. My dream to change to the fate of my family is still in an uncertain state. TERRIBLE me.


For all these reasons, I looked into business opportunities. I “debuted” myself by selling low-end-cost health and beauty products. I do all the marketing via facebook and by spreading out flyers. It was truly challenging to get the first customer but the moment people come to you and ask for your products and enlightenment, it was indeed the best moment of doing business. My market grows wider after that. From there, I knew that I need to look for more opportunities to ensure my goal is achieved. Therefore, with the help of MR.GOOGLE, my hands frantically clicked and scrolled various websites and blog about business UNTIL this one magic CLICK. I found HANIS HAIZI blog.

Fabulous and gorgeous CDM Hanis Haizi with her signature pose!

Wasting no more time, I started to do my own RESEARCH by “stalking” and reading all her posts. Say what? I was truly inspired and truly mesmerized by what she had achieved so far in life. From there I investigated many things about her business, group and company that she works for. I also looked into sources that say about pros and cons of her business. By taking all of these into consideration, I emailed her and propose my interest of knowing more about her business. Then, “Voila”. My life has embarked into another journey or pace in grabbing the BIG opportunities in order to achieve my BIG dream.

A life lesson I learned from her is that U can never achieve what you dream for if you never try to achieve it. I realized nobody will change the fate of my family except YOU and YOURSELF. I accepted the DARE to change myself!


My advice THINK and ACT now!

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