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Bogus or “BAGUS”? Choose wisely!

Last week I managed to attend my first class conducted in GLAM, Taman Tun. A part of the talk during the class mentioned about investing your worthy money in worthy company.


Let scrutinize this from bit to bit. I just want to share of what I have gained during the class which I think something good should be SHARED and SPREADED. On the side note, this is not totally a sweeping statement as this sharing is made based on facts and proves.

Ok uols. Before we start any business franchise or investment in any company or institution, bear in mind to do a background check about the company that we are going to invest.

HOW? Simply refer to reliable sources from the internet or newspapers.

Ok. So, after you made your own “research”, be sure that the prospect company:

1. is stable

2. Has good and promising Track record

3. Has no financial crisis

4. has a Head Quarters (HQ)

5. has a licensing in business and has a registered number for its premise and business

6. is endorsed by our Bank Negara Malaysia

7. is recognized and accepted by government

haaa, see? Those are a part of numerous criterions that you need to consider. Be wise so that you will not fall into the trap of a bogus company as nowadays there are a lot of companies established with the of attracting prospect investors to invest with promising investment scheme. Nonetheless, there is no crystal clear path of how good and reliable the company is. So again, BE WISE!

For that reason, I have done my research and digging. Alhamdulillah, as a result I found that Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd fulfills the entire criterion mentioned above.

Need proves? Let see why I said so.

1) Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd (susbordinate company for Hai-O Enterprise) is a very stable, reliable and well-founded company in Malaysia for it has sustained its glorious years in Malaysia for almost 20 years. Well recognized and endorsed by the government and “Bank Negara Malaysia”, this company has proven its efficiency in business when it is listed in the main board of BSKL. There is no chance to be listed UNLESS the company is proven to have good track record and stable.

Enlisted in main board BSKL. Say What??

2) Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd has won numerous astounding awards and recognition both at national and international level. Among the awards are, Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence 2010/2011, Promising Company Award 2010/2011, Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” Award, Outstanding Contribution Towards Developing Bumiputra Entrepreneurs, Superbrand Malaysia 2003/2004 and more. You can click the link of its official page to see a full list of its award and recognition.

The main buzzzz in biz world in Buletin Utama

3) High quality products. Hai O Marketing emphasizes the quality of its products. Each product has gone through numerous procedures for improving its quality. Eventhough some of our products has sustainably proven to be the best among the best in the market over 20 years, our research and development team has never given up to upgrade the current quality from great to the best. For that reason, one of our products which is premium beautiful has been awarded as the best from SUPERBRAND! Yes, it’s very rare and exclusive.

The “OLYMPIC” medals for best product belongs to????



So, let me remind you once again, please be wise in choosing the company for your investment. With Hai-O, we can ensure you are fully SECURED.

Lets do this together once and for all in one T.E.A.M

Together Everyone Achieve More

Wait no more! Yes, YOU are the lucky one to be our honorary guest and be a part of this beautiful and hardworking GLG team!

You are cordially invited to contact me via phone 0192994595 or email me at


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